Complete X-Ray Room For Sale, Plus...Americomp standard phase x-ray unit with generator, tube/collimator, stand and wall mounted bucky (14x17), Mobile x-ray shield with window, Wolf film ID marker, Bar-Ray upright film bin (sits on the floor), Star x-ray darkroom light (GBX2 typle), Konica-Minolta Develper SRX-101A 2002B, Caliper, L/R film markers, 2-14x17 cassettes and 3-8x10 cassettes (Green RE 400 speed), I have some film as well that I'm throwing in.  It's all in the film bins.  Also have a second Konica-Minolta Developer SRX-101A 2005D , 2-14x17 cassettes and 3-8X10 cassettes, Wall mounted film bin (holds up to 14x17), Auto print film ID marker, L/R film markers.  All items in great working order.  Getting rid of satellite office.Ideally like to sell all of these items in one big lump sale. However, have no problem selling the things in first group as a package and the second group as a package.  Asking $4,500 for the first group with x-ray machine and $750 for second group.  If interested just contact me ad I will make you an amazing deal! all prices are negotiable.  I'm ready to sell!  Dr. Dave Durham 217-623-4505 or       posted 10/2018

For Sale - PEMT (pulsed electromagnetic therapy) This Telsa Fit model comes with loops, a pad and pad for bed use.  Cost over $7,000 new, 3,000 gauss output.If you are looking to use magnet therapy into your practice, this device is for you, really works well on lower back and knees.  Price now $5,000.  Call/text Dr. Joe Johnigk @ 309-868-4143 for pictures or information.         posted 10/2018

For Sale - a Laser Lipo fat loss unit by Slimco.  The body light laser can help a person lose 5-6 inches off the waist in 10-12 treatments.  Cost over $30,000 new, have been using it successfully for 4 years.  Selling now for $10,000.  See at or call/text,  Dr. Joe Johnigk @ 309-868-4143      posted 10/2018

Gonstead Set For Sale  - Very little use, will not be able to tell it from a new set.  $1,700 (new set costs $2,440).  In full disclosure new legs for the pelvic bench and cervical chair are 260 (unless you are 5'1" or close you will probably need taller legs).  Contact Dr. Rick Burns at or Dr. Kelly Burns 309-755-4400      posted 08/2017

For Sale - Like new Agfa CR-30X for sale.  Asking $12,900.  Unit is located near Palos Heights IL.  Contact Dr. Andrew Goesel  708-717-6062          03/2015

Equipment for Sale - Doctor downsizing.  Eagle 3125 X-Ray Machine, works fine -going to scrap yard only asking salvage cost.  2 Toggle Palmer Thompson headpieces, black, in good shape $400 per.  Contact Dr. Richard Piller 815-288-2229     10/2014

Equipment for Sale - E-Stim 400, 4 Auripuricu Treatment, Stop Smoking etc. Manuals & DVD $250   Contact Dr. Johnigk (309) 697-9617 or      08/2014

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