Committee Goals
Accreditation, Evaluation, & CME To provide access to educational programs focusing on quality assurance for the chiropractic profession.
Budget & Finance To prepare the annual budget and assess the financial needs and income of the association, and to develop a resource pool to meet the financial needs of the association.
Chiropractic Claims Review To provide fair review for all parties concerned in evaluating the sum of the practitioner`s responsibilities to his/her patient, the public, private and governmental agencies and his/her profession.
Convention & Programs To provide interesting educational programming which encourages updates for professional competency; family participation in a relaxing atmosphere.
Insurance To ensure the right of the consumer to chiropractic services with equal access and applicable reimbursement; to organize the committee and subcommittees to function efficiently.
Legal Affairs To communicate with various administrative agencies and other entities for the purpose of retaining primary status and exclusive rights to the chiropractic method.
Legislative To monitor and support all legislative efforts to retain primary provider status for the chiropractor with exclusive right to the chiropractic method with insurance equality.
Membership To increase active participatory membership by 10% each year.
Mentoring Program To assist students and doctors who are newly in practice or have been practicing by matching them with an experienced field doctor.  To assist new doctors in obtaining working chiropractic equipment to use for their office.
Professional Relations To engage as many members in a cooperative effort to improve interdisciplinary relations, to articulate the rationale of chiropractic care in the health delivery system so as to retain primary provider status.
Public Information To establish a professional three-point program on chiropractic for 1) current and potential consumer or chiropractic care (benefits), 2) business/industry/third-party payor (cost management/care), 3) government (quality assurance/cost management).
Publications To keep membership updated on current information pertinent to the IPSCA, state, and national chiropractic health related issues through newsletters, special bulletins, journals, and web page.
Radiographic Technician To access educational programs focusing on chiropractic radiology for the chiropractic technician.
Standards To monitor state and national statutes and judicial opinion, to monitor development in chiropractic education and research and other applicable health sciences, and periodically review and update the IPSCA Chiropractic Standards of Practice and Professional Conduct.  To process complaints in matters alleged non-compliance or violation of IPSCA Chiropractic Standards of Practice and/or Professional Conduct.
Student Development To develop student awareness of Illinois and the IPSCA, to assist in smooth transition from student to new practitioner, or install awareness of the need to join and participate in the state association.


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