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The use of X-ray or radiographic examination by a chiropractor is primarily for spinopgraphy. Spinography is the chiropractic art of analyzing X-rays for the following purposes:

1.  Finding potential subluxations.

2.  Understanding the anatomy to give the most appropriate adjustment.

3.  Developing the most appropriate plan of care for the patient.


Position Statement

Radiography of a patient should only be performed on the basis of clinical need as judged by the attending Doctor of Chiropractic. The following are standards for ordering radiographic studies. These criteria are offered to assist in making this determination on a rational basis.


A.  Standards for Radiographic Examinations.

A radiographic examination is performed to help confirm or deny clinically suspected mechanical alterations, including radiographic manifestations of a subluxation, abnormalities, pathological conditions, and/or establishing a baseline standard for future radiographic comparison where indicated.

      The radiographic examination should be based on findings from the:

      1.  Case History and/or Physical Assessment

           The following are examples which may indicate radiologic procedures.  They are not all inclusive:

           a.  Possible subluxation including:

                apparent structural disrelationship of spinal or extra-spinal components;

                apparent curvature of the spine;

                spinal muscular imbalance;

                spinal motion aberrations (hyper/hypo);

                positive neuromusculoskeletal findings;

                thermographic findings

            b.  Regional points of pain.

            c.  Signs of visceral malfunction or distress.


Complete IPSCA Radiographic Examination Standards and Indications

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