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At a meeting of the American College of Advancement in Medicine, Dr. Bart Classen, an immunologist at Classen Immunotherapies, presented data providing proof that vaccines  cause insulin-dependent diabetes.  The report of this meeting appeared in the  PRNewswire  (8-26-2008).

Dr. Classen's presentation included data from a randomized clinical trial in Finland that showed that groups vaccinated with the hemophilus vaccine ha a 17% increased risk of diabetes in a 10 year follow up study.  Even worse, further analysis of people receiving the newer, more potent, hemophilus vaccine indicated that these vaccines increased the risk of diabetes by about 25%. 


Dr. Classen also indicated that from the data he found, common vaccines were not only causing insulin-dependent diabetes but a wide range of chronic diseases including autism, allergies, asthma, type II diabetes and many different autoimmune diseases .  Even more surprising was a poll that was taken of physicians at the meeting.  The attendees were polled to see if they agreed with Dr. Classen and his findings and were asked to raise their hand if they believed that the vaccines can cause chronic disease.  The vast majority of the attendees agreed. 


Dr. Classen's response to the poll was, "The poll clearly shows that our findings and the findings of others, which indicate vaccines cause chronic disease, is well accepted in the medical community."




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