Radiographic Techologists

Chiropractic Radiographic Technologists Specifics:

Chiropractic Assistants taking x-rays in the state of Illinois must pass a state issued exam given by the Department of Nuclear Safety (IDNS).  A chiropractic assistant must be accredited either in 1 of 2 categories:

  1. Full Medical or Chiropractic Radiography; this would be the people who were taking x-rays prior to regulation and were taking x-rays prior to regulation and were grandfathered in or those who have passed ACRRT exam, following appropriate schooling and have been certified by the IDNS.
  2. Limited Diagnostic Radiography, this involves the assistant to become a Student-In-Training, learns at a clinic and must pass a general x-ray exam and a specialty area(s) exam (spine, chest, extremities, or skull/sinuses) are the options.  Continuing education requirements-6 hours per year.


Continuing Education Requirements:

32Ill.Adm.Code 401     Section 401.140 Requirements for Renewal of Accreditation

b) Continuing Education Requirements

All applicants for renewal of accreditation, regardless of the category or status of accreditation sought to be renewed, shall provide evidence of having participated in an approved program of continuing education as indicated below:

1)  The required effort in continuing education per year for each category of medical radiation technology, applicable to each year elapsed since the most recent date of issuance of accreditation, not to exceed 2 years beyond the expiration of the last accreditation, is as follows:

  • Radiography 12 units
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology 12units
  • Radiation Therapy Technology 12 units
  • Chiropractic Radiography 12 units
  • Limited Diagnostic Radiography 6 units


For additional rules and regulations pertaining to Chiropractic and Limited Radiography IEMA-Division of Nuclear Safety,

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