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Chiropractic Standards of Practice & Professional Conduct

In April 1985, the IPSCA prepared and adopted the "Chiropractic Standards of Practice & Professional Conduct" as a guide for members.


In applying the science of chiropractic, the doctor of chiropractic performs a healing art encompassing the following Standards of Chiropractic Practice:

I.  Subjective: Chiropractic Case History

II.  Objective: Chiropractic Physical Examination

III.  Assessments: Chiropractic Diagnosis or Analysis

IV.  Plan: Chiropractic Treatment or Disposition


As members of a healing arts profession applying the highly specialized chiropractic science and art, doctors of chiropractic are committed to increasing knowledge of the human body as it concerns the restoration and preservation of health and to the utilzation of such knowledge for the promotion of public welfare.

Doctors of chiropractic use their skills only for purposes consistent with their values and do not knowingly permit their misuse by others.  While reserving the right of freedom of inquiry and communication, doctors of chiropractic accept the responsibility this freedom requires: objectivity in the application of skills and concern for the best interests of their patients, colleagues, and society.

Pursing these ideals, doctors of chiropractic, by virtue of membership into this association, voluntarily subscribe to the Standards of Professional Conduct which are intended as a guide with respect to responsibilities to patients, the public, and fellow practitioners.

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