Continuing Education

Quick CME Facts:

1.  Chiropractors are required 150 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) per tri-annual licensure period - 60 hours Category I and 90 hours Category II.

2.  CME is NOT required for the first renewal period after licensure.

3.  Category 1 CME (60 hours minimum) - Considered "contact hours" by an approved CME sponsor with proof of attendance issued.  Category 1 CME is not limited to 90 hours and all 150 hours can be obtained in this category.

4.  Category 2 CME (90 hours maximum) - The licensee must document these activities, including the dates and brief description of the activity.

5.  Certification of Compliance - Random audits are conducted each year in regards to CME. 

6.  Licensee shall maintain certificates of completion which include the name, date, and number of hours of the program along with the accreditation of sponsor.

7.  Each renewal applicant shall certify on the renewal application full compliance with the CME requirements.  The Division may require additional evidence demonstrating compliance.

8.  Unless requested, do not submit any CME documentation. 

9.  If records are requested - all 150 hours must be submitted.  It is recommended that the DC keep a copy for their individual records.

9.  Documentation records are required to be maintained for 10 years (4 licensure periods) prior to destruction.


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